A Whole New World

Your date with Dubai could not have been planned better. A palatial resort made of Arabic dreams, dune dashing in the red desert, with romantic old forts and bustling souks.


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The Nocturnal Flower

A city that creates a rather enticing conundrum, also never fails to take my breath away with every trip. Florilege is a Japanese–French fusion restaurant, a garrison of romantic nature and art in a quiet street on the outskirts of Shibuya.


OSay to friends you're off to the Maldives and a sea of jealous faces is the response. Other than the milky-white shores, azure skies and downright bizarre clear waters that summons a track of Johnny Nash to your head, the sense of privacy and isolation is truly second to none.


Ubiquitously inspired by black, charged with attitude and a bit of hickory-smoked spunk in the grit too. My recent preference for 'boy-ish' quarters trails beyond clothes.


'I love you a million fluffy pancakes' — Would probably make the most poetic confession. EVER. Never mind the Japanese–zi–fied approach to western dining, they still do it oh so right! My top six cafe recommendations when in Tokyo, and more.


Stowed in the east side of Amsterdam, Park Frankendael hides a garden conservatory that serves food of the ultimate recipe, delivered by nature itself. Restaurant De Kas was both an anomalous and satisfying experience to expect in this publicised city. 


From the ornate facades of the Venetian Palazzos, to dining daily by the canals and starry night lights. Amongst the five cities I roamed in Europe, Venice is a place my feet likely wander back.