The Nocturnal Flower

A city that creates a rather enticing conundrum, also never fails to take my breath away with every trip. Florilege is a Japanese–French fusion restaurant, a garrison of romantic nature and art in a quiet street on the outskirts of Shibuya.

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Mrs. Dapper Dan


Hair styling by Monso Hair Design
Photography by Charice Kt
Words by
Tokyo Mode Addict


9 April, 2017

The first lesson I learned in becoming an adult, was that if you close an eye on a feminine routine, everything malfunctions together! Behind every women of substance there is a girl, juggling the interplay between her heels and muddy sneakers. Soon enough, she would be a grease boy locked incognito. But even a dapper lady has no excuse!


In a bright, homely studio with nuanced colours and furniture, a Japanese hair salon stands at River Valley Road in Singapore. Where it offers a quick hair treatment for a just a single 50-dollar bill! Monso Hair Design is one of those places with only a single page for a menu, with polite Japanese staff that speaks English too. A quiet and cozy cot that is perfect for a simple day-time cut.


True to its title, the quick treatment took only 10 to 15 minutes. After a shampoo and massage, a machine that lets out cold steam sweeps over your head. And it felt just like that scene when Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsson first appeared together on an evening beach! I have only ever had hair treatments with hot steam, and so I was a little taken by the cool surprise. Only better because it was cold!

Monso Hair Design is located at:
232 River Valley Road
Singapore 238290
+65 6836 5585

A Whole New World

A Whole New World

4 Feb, 2017


Photography by Tokyo Mode Addict

Your date with Dubai could not have been planned better. A palatial home of Arabic dreams, the Madinat Jumeirah was nothing short of magnificent! The private resort helms an architectural record, with a concept of recreating life as it used to be for residents along the Dubai creek. Complete with waterways, abras, wind towers and a bustling souk.


An opulent Disneyland all by itself. This resort is the largest of the emirates with 3 boutique hotels, a courtyard of 29 summer houses, over 40 restaurants and bars that serves the best gin and juice cocktails! Not to mention a private beach and pools, shaded by palm trees to gaze at the creek with the iconic Burj Al Arab in the horizon. Though I should probably mention that dining at the resort was unquestionably overpriced, staying at the Madinat Jumeirah is simply a must when in Dubai.

Wearing Off shoulder dress by Indah
Blue earrings by Murua


One would notice after her first jaunt to the desert, that it is not far from the city. I imagined the red dunes to be an entire day's journey, but in fact it took less than an hour. My mother and I engaged Desert Safari Dubai for a dune dashing frenzy in a desert jeep, and it was the single most thrilling ride of my life! More than any roller coaster. EVER. No roads, no rules. There were multiple moments I thought the jeep would fall belly up, and a scene from the Fast and Furious flashed by while Whiz Khalifa said see you again.