Back To Basics


Back To Basics

25 November, 2014

Photographed by dearest Inessa

Jacket / ジャケット : The Dayz Tokyo
Bralet / トップ : Asos
Shorts / ショーツ : Zara

For the past two months I've been caught in a maelstrom of studies and play. My friends would have heard I moved to Tokyo in pursuit of improving my Japanese language skills at a local university. Among the diverse ethnicities of students that I've met so far, I found myself a comrade who loves Kiko Mizuhara as much as I do. Inessa, from Russia. And the first thing she said after she saw my photographs was, "Why are people obsessed with taking sharp pictures?" She's plain-spoken but I don't hate her stance. Next thing I know I was challenged to do the most sensual photoshoot I've ever done.

With the return of my bangs (fringe) I feel empowered. I think. Lately I've been so comfortable with plain and simple pieces, that in the spur of a moment, I decided I wanted a dashing hair cut to jazz up my do.