29 December, 2014

Photographed by Ace

Shades / サングラス : Fray I.D
Top / トップ : Journal Standard
Skirt / スカート : Zara
Boots / シューズ : Zara


Winter break is here! And as soon as it begun, I split myself from my dorm and checked into several hotels in Tokyo. I had numerous plans to catch up with family and close friends over Christmas, and it was splendid! My first moments of winter break were spent fittingly with family. They came to visit from Singapore. We did some shopping together and enjoyed a Christmas eve reunion dinner at Yurakucho, one of my beloved towns in Tokyo, along with my Japanese relatives and family friends. Later that night, just before the clock hand turned to Christmas day, I flurried through the evening crowd to pick up a precious friend from the train station. And when we found each other we cried out like a pair of caterwauling bobcats and cuddled in each others arms for an entire minute or two. We didn't care about the eyes starring. Three months apart felt like a decade. And from then on, everything felt like a dream. On Instagram you would have seen the exciting things and places we spent together. P.S Even as an innate sceptic, I think it's handy how social media can offer to pen down and etch memories of what a special few days it has been for me.

In the evening of our stay in a hotel around Tokyo Station, we did a quick outfit shoot in front of a modern-iconic building. The post office headquarters. How much more classy can a post office building look? I have to say it still looks like a luxury apartment building to me. And I've successfully found a new Japanese brand to catch up with! Fray I.D Where I got my new shades from. Lately I find myself layering hues of camel and fusing them with dark red and marsala more often than my usual white. It must have been the air and chills of Christmas in Tokyo that got me.

Have a wondrous New Year everyone!