Black Box December Edition

Hi there. For today’s post I would like to introduce to you, Black Box Sg.

Black Box is a parcel, filled with samples of lifestyle products in Singapore. Every edition comes with different samples for you to try them out before deciding to buy what’s on the shelf in stores!

And... It’s FREE

That’s right, subscribing doesn’t cost a penny! You get to receive this exclusive box right at your doorstep! Quite a clever and purposive concept I must say.

After you have subscribed for your Black Box at

Eligibility to receive Black Box is dependent on:

1. Balloting. Every Black Box subscriber will have 1 chance at balloting for each edition of Black Box. (They will send an email notification when balloting starts for the next edition)

2. Or you can simply secure your Black Box by paying your own courier fee of $6!

Here’s what was in the December Edition of Black Box:

1) Nuxe Reve De Miel Hand and Nail Cream

2) VDL Lumilayer Primer and Perfecting Last Foundation (SPF 25, PA++)

3) Gatsby Ice Type Body Paper

4) Nivea For Men Multi Effect 8 Oil Control Volcanic Mud Foam

5) Darlie All Shiny White (Enamel Care)

6) Zappy 5-piece sampler pack

7) But, Becky Double Lifting Mask

My favourite pick out of this box was the Nuxe Hand and Nail Cream! It had a very organic and consoling scent.

Apparently it contains Acacia honey that repairs cracks and nourishes skin.

VDL’s Primer and Foundation was pretty good too. After trying it out I would think that their foundation is more on the opaque side  but it covers up quite well.

This foundation contains amino acid and lipid complexes that enhances adherence to the skin as well!

Zappy 5-piece sampler pack was interesting. They have wipes for everything! It’s definitely handy when all these are in wipes. Easier and neater to use. I actually carried the After Sports Wipes along to one of my sessions at the gym and used it. It’s important to wipe your sweat off after you’ve worked out.

And here’s me testing out But, Becky Double Lifting Mask.

Formulated for Asian skin, it has a unique double lifting mask. You can’t see very well in this photo but, this mask extends all the way to cover my upper neck! It’s lavender scented, quite nice. However I did think that the mask was a little too big. I don’t have a small face, and there was a little too much excess space at the side so it doesn’t sit on my skin properly.

This is only the December Box I have reviewed for you! Every edition comes with new themed products from make-up to healthcare products, as well as exquisite shopping/spa/dining deals and discount vouchers.

You can subscribe to Black Box at 

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