Spring In Pink

In the midst of this fiery weather, my friend Charice and I wandered towards the east with a camera in hope to capture a rare moment with Singapore's version of Cherry Blossoms.

What a strange feeling to be alive under such beauties on this little island.


Photographed by my dearest Charice

Top / トップ : Haji Lane

Skirt / スカート : Dolce & Gabbana

Shoes / シューズ : Zara

Spring is my favourite season for fashion. And I've probably mentioned this many times on my blog and instagram but, I just love midi skirts! I think its the best spring trend this year and I hope it never fades. Suitable even for young girls, I think midi skirts exudes the perfect sophistication and feminine vibe.

Here I'm wearing a D&G skirt pulled out from a Club 21 sale, from my mother actually. Apparently she bought it in a heart beat at the sale and it didn't fit her when she got home so she gave it me. Lucky me because I still can't afford branded clothes. But, I'm fearless in brands so I paired this lovely skirt with a royal blue top that I bought for under $35 at Haji Lane, paired with one of my all-time favourite white heels from Zara. Not the most comfortable I have to admit, but definitely the most elegant.

Have a great week ahead!