Nail Art at Kiyone + LIM


Changing the world with new colours is new Japanese nail salon Kiyone +LIM. In this blogger's opinion, this salon's artistic and quirky signature is definitely something that has not been seen yet here in Singapore!


I've been waiting too long before I finally found the right time to go to this new salon! Writing one blog post takes me quite some time actually, because I like to make a point take proper pictures and all, so I have to plan the schedule of my blog posts. And since Kiyone +LIM opened earlier this year, I've been infatuating over their nail art designs from their facebook page and brochures. Kiyone +LIM is managed by the same company of one of my favourite hair salons in Singapore Kizuki + LIM. And like Kizuki + LIM, I do think that they have an impactful artistic edge!


After an evening shoot, I scurried down to the nail salon at Orchard Central! And Oba-san from the hair salon introduced me to lovely Natsumi-san, the head nail artist at Kiyone +LIM. And straight away I told her that I'd like to try out Kiyone + LIM's signature style, but I MUST have the egg illustration! I keep seeing pictures of egg illustrative nails on their facebook and it is too cute to resist! In the end I had Natsumi-san free style on my nails and ended up with this set of design ↓↓


Unique isn't it? Obsessively cute too!
Looking at these designs I hope you kinda get what I mean when I said that their salon is able to offer something we've never seen in Singapore. And these set of colours that I have feels special don't they? That's because they custom mix their colours! 


This is really the first time I've seen any nail salon, let alone Singapore, mix their own colours! Plus the details Natsumi-san is able to draw was just jaw dropping. Not sure if its obvious in the photos, but the lines of the illustrations are pretty thin and fine! And Natsumi-san was such an adorable and fun person to talk to.


Kiyone + LIM is offering 20% discount for all first timers!

181 Orchard Road, #02-21/23 Orchard Central
Singapore 238896 
(+65)6834 3193
Open : 11:00-22:00
Close : Every Monday

You may go to Kiyone + LIM's Facebook Page to see more of their nail designs!

Have a lovely week ahead everyone ♡