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Hello and blogging from Japan! I'll be residing here for quite a while this time. Walking around Tokyo only reminds me of how incredibly fashionable and well presented women are over here! Though I still can't get how some moms here can push their baby carts at parks in stilettos.. That will forever be a mystery to me. 

And just before coming to Japan, Monso Hair Design Tokyo at Gallery Hotel in Singapore groomed me well so that I won't fall behind the girls here!

Monso Hair Design Tokyo Japanese Hair 03.JPG

During this visit, I was greeted by a new member of Monso's Hair Stylist team, Mayu-san. And apart from the fact that she had only been in Singapore for 3 weeks but still so optimistic about the weather and food here, talking to Mayu-san I felt that she really seems to know her game when it comes to her job. During the whole process at the salon she would explain to me certain facts about hair and others related to it.

Before I had a pretty bright colour on, so I told Mayu-san that I definitely wanted to go darker but with a tinge of a warm hue. That's when she told me that warm colours like red or pink on hair tend to wash off faster than other dyes. However among the warm colours, violet is the most lasting, so she suggest that I go for a dark ash brown with a slight mixture of violet. And that this would give an effect of making my face skin look healthier!


Now for my favourite feature at Monso Hair Design Tokyo, the Super Sonic Treatment! This would probably be my favourite type of hair treatment in Singapore. Because the results after is the most obvious!

Here I'm having the Shiseido Super Sonic Treatment:
Firstly – Shiseido hair mask is applied
Secondly – Super Sonic Iron is used on top of the mask
Lastly – Hair is placed under a steamer for moisture for 10min


The after effect is like magic! You have to try it to believe it!


Finally for my favourite part, hair styling! I asked Mayu-san to just go with anything that she wanted to try on me.


Such details in her braids.. I was really so in love with her final styling of my hair! In my honest opinion, really, Mayu-san is a fantastic hair stylist. I couldn't have been happier with her skills and service. Not many hair stylists in Singapore can produce that 'Japanese Magazine' type of style for hair and she is capable of it. From the wave of my fringe to the ruffled curly ends of my hair. I would definitely be going back to have Mayu-san do my hair more often!

Monso Hair Design Tokyo is located at:

1 Nanson Road
Gallery Hotel
Singapore 238909

Call 6836 5585 to make your appoinments

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