Urban Tokyo

In Tokyo one feels, that the city has no single style... only innumerable attempts at style.
Embracing the heart of this country in my very own Tokyo Mode style, with a collaborative photoshoot with Tokyo based photographer Lisa.


Photographed by Lisa

Jacket / アウター : JRunway (Japanese brand)

Jumpsuit / ジャンプスーツ : Mango Premium

Shoes / シューズ : Dip Drops (Japanese Brand)

It was such a pleasure to meet Tokyo based photographer Lisa, for an urban style street shoot in Japan. And thank you for these beautifully taken shots! I love them so much! It is always very rewarding to hear from people (let alone people from overseas) that they enjoy and appreciate the fashion and photographs on my blog. Though I have been blogging for close to two years now, it was only the recent half a year that I decided to place more effort and priority into this professional hobby. Hunting for locations, styling outfits, and engaging with creative photographers to produce and capture the perfect moment and mood in a visual, is indeed an addictive gratification.