Mod & Sherbet

This makes my third week in Japan, and I always find myself gravitating towards the way people dress here. It's as if this fashionable city never sleeps!

Hence this time I have prepared for you my readers, a little 101 on an ultimate Japanese Spring Summer trend! "Sherbet Colours". At least that's how the people call it here. So here I am decked in Japanese brand RiendaCharles and Keith and H&M, basking mornings in Spring in Sherbet Green.

Pastel Green Zara Charles Keith 02.JPG
Pastel Green Zara Charles Keith 05.JPG

Photographed by Charice Kt

Top / トップ : Rienda (Japanese Brand)

Shorts / ショーツ : Zara

Bag / バッグ : Charles and Keith

Sunglasses / サングラス : H&M

Shoes / シューズ : MiuMiu

"Sherbet Colours" as they call it here, basically refers to Pastel Colours. But here in Japan, young girls, magazines and designers call it Sherbet Colours. I would think that the people here started calling it Sherbet because of their cultural obsession over sweets and desserts (how cute). And Pastels colours do remind you of sherbet ice creams don't they?

These colours have been the ultimate Spring Summer trend in Japan for about three years straight now. Japanese brands like Lilidia and Rienda have launched a full Sherbet Colour collection this 2014 S/S. Not only Japanese fashion I'm afraid, shopping around European and American apparels, this colour trend is this season's hottest ticket! Even my all time personal favourite, Zara, has got me enthralled in their pastel colour spectacle.

My friend Charice and I did a morning shoot this time! Yes we set that alarm at 5am in the morning, got dressed in make-up and hair ready to stump into the car for a long drive. Waking up early made it a breeze to shoot in the slight morning chill. We kind of had an epic story in the making while trying to get these shots but I think it might be best to keep it sealed for now!