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It's already June!  Almost time to turn our faces towards the sun and let the shadows fall behind you. The hottest time of the year is around the corner, and I am just having too much fun planning and getting ready for some summer beauty and fashion themes!

With a kind invitation from Peony Tokyo Nails Salon, I had another opportunity to review a nail salon in Singapore. But this time, with a tropical summer theme in mind!

Some of my favourite Japanese brands are going head on with summer styles and patterns for this year's Spring Summer collections. So I had done an Emoda inspired nail! As most of you know how Japanese service and skills are, this salon was nothing less, accompanied by care for hygiene. Just look at the range of nail designs they can do! (above) Especially the one with the 3D crepe design... Oh my gosh! Basically, the nail artists there would be able to illustrate almost anything you ask of them to do. Plus, they are pretty cost friendly! With a price range of $90-$150 depending on your nail design.



The owner of this salon, Rika-san, is super friendly and fluent in English! I admit that I was caught by surprise when I received her email in near perfect English. And the nail artist who did my nail, Erika-san, was a little more on the quite side but not any less professional or friendly! She was really focused when she was painting the details of the palm trees. Similar to me when I'm working.

Peony Tokyo's interior space and ambience is really quite lovely. Truthfully, I might have to admit here that it's the best I've been in Singapore. The colours of their salon is mostly white, and they have sofa chairs for their customers! Most other salons just use ordinary chairs and quite frankly sitting down for approximately 3 hours is tiring and so a sofa chair was absolutely divine. Did I mention they play really soothing background music too? That would be the cherry on top!


Peony Tokyo's Monthly Promotions

Pink Hydrangea Flower Colour Gradation — $105

Peony Tokyo Nail Art 06.jpg

Blue Hydrangea Flower Design — $92

Peony Tokyo Nail Salon is located at:

103 Penang Road
#01-05 VisionCrest Commercial
(3-4min walk from Douby Ghaut Mrt Exit B)

Opens: 10am-8pm daily (Closed every Tuesday)
Call or SMS 8115-5327 to make appointments
They have Japanese, English and Chinese speaking staff there.