Midsummer Peaches 01.JPG
Midsummer Peaches 02.JPG
Midsummer Peaches 03.JPG

Photographed by Alwin Tan

Top / トップ : Zara
Shorts / ショーツ : Snidel
Shoes / シューズ : M)phosis
Shades / サングラス : Harajuku
Accessories / アクセサリー : Lovisa

Summer somehow feels like both a celebration and a downer. I seize to enjoy the breeze in wearing less, bathing in saline air and sun kissed hair. But also the unescapable sticky situation that is going on underneath my make-up... Which is not so fun most of the time. And you have no idea how long I've been looking for a perfect shade of peach colour that makes my skin look like I have a sultry glow! Accessorise with some glint of gold with a hot pair of sunnies and you will be sure to linger sensuality.

It is always enticing to find opportunities to work with different photographers. My first to collaborate with local photographer Alwin, whom I met at Rosebullet Singapore's fashion event! And for this shoot I was inspired by Murua (one of my all time favourite Japanese brand) Spring Summer catalog visuals. It took a photographer and his lovely wife, Amsie, who was holding a reflector for us to recreate this shot. We had rolls of sweat trickling down the back of our legs but it was part of the process.