Summer Feminine Mode

Summer feminine mode Murua outfit 01.JPG

Photographed by Lisa

Top / トップ : Murua
Shorts / ショーツ : Zara
Outer / アウター : Murua
Clutch / バッグ : Envym
Shoes / シューズ : Charles & Keith
Sunglasses / サングラス : Shinjuku LUMINEST

What is my current fashion fetish you say? Well, hands down it has got to be fruit prints! And the most unexpected interest of all. I always seem to slip into simple and clean pieces with playful textures, but it was the artistic work and colours of Murua that made me reshuffle my tastes and come to appreciate something as chaotic as fruit prints.

Just last week I was in Tokyo for a few errands and I met up with photographer Lisa again for a second round of collaboration. Thanks Lisa for your time despite your busy schedule! She works the fastest among the photographers I have worked with on my blog so far.




Fruit prints can be a thrill to wear, but still try to keep them to a minimum. If not played right, fruit prints can make the outfit look really unsophisticated! Be particular when selecting your pieces inspired by fruits. Above are a few items I recommend!

(From left)
Kiwi Print Top & Pants from Zara, Clear Gold Pineapple Clutch from ASOS,
Fruit Rings from Topshop, Mango Print Clutch from The Dayz Tokyo