Tokyo Mode Addict


Yukie (Tokyo Mode Addict) is former influencer who half Singaporean & Japanese. Now she is a freelance editor–photographer about Travel & Lifestyle with a Japanese flair.

Titan White


Photographed by Jonathan Liu

Yukie's Outfit
Top / トップ : Egoist
Skirt / スカート : Dolce & Gabbana
Shoes / シューズ : Zara
Bag / バッグ : Chloe

Vera's Outfit
Top / トップ : Nikicio
Blazer / アウター :
Pants / ボトムス : Mango
Shoes / シューズ : Ezra (


Slipping into ensembles of white on white is both easy and a challenge always. That having said, for fashion enthusiasts like Vera and I, there's nothing that reflects timeless aesthetics like a pure, absence of a colour like white!

This would be the first time collaborating with another fashion blogger for an outfit shoot. Beside me is tall and delightfully friendly, Singapore-based fashion influencer Vera from! I've never posed alongside anyone before but thanks to my trusted man Jon (the photographer) who gave us directions, I pictures turned out splendid.