For Elstarade



17 Februrary, 2015

Yukie for Elstarade 02.JPG

Wearing: Daniel Wellington, Classic Bristol Lady

There are two fashions to starting a day. Either an inexplicably frustrating snoozing of alarm clocks followed by a headway to idling, or when you miraculously get up at the crisp of dawn and rewarded with an occasion to do some reading along with bonus time to pick a better outfit before heading out. No doubt the second sequence is plainly rare. While my time here in Tokyo is almost up, spending the last few days in my all time cozy-cot hotel, Sakura Tower in Shinagawa, is certainly a lavish way to wake up restful. Though mostly, I was just dying to shoot a blog entry.

Today's post is all about how I spent one appropriate morning.  Got out of bed, set my curling iron on medium high, and straight to my make-up regimen. Yes, I had a 11am brunch appointment. While listening to Rupert Holmes and The Temptations on a 70's mix, I shuffled though my small collection of handsomely-crafted accessories. Would Monday's vibes be a ring or a watch? A necklace or a bracelet? I don't do both. After that's concluded (along with my hair and make-up), I took things back to bed with a cup of tea and my new leather-covered travel diary. I'm hereby planning my first ever trip to Europe! Flirting at the thought of it. Flights all booked, and only left to delve into publications and Instagram to mold a general 'must visit' plan. Instagram is my Mr. Google, he has led me to some beautiful European-grammers! 


(From left)
Italy @stereotoy, Sweden @swedishmarcus, Copenhagen @nana_ha,
Paris @parisinfourmonths, London @parkncube


Wearing: Paul Hewitt Anchor Bracelet 

Today's essentials were in collaboration with Elstarade. (Facebook, Instagram) A Singapore-based online retailer for go-to personable accessories. Daniel Wellington's watch has been my consort for over a year now. And also a physical memoir of my friendship with onigiri-girl @azycakey. We have the exact same watch!

See you Singapore in less than 48-hours!