27 February, 2015 

Photographed by Mum :)

Coat / アウター : Opening Ceremony
Top / トップ : Zara
Skirt / スカート : Zara
Shoes / シューズ : Rosebullet

There is nothing better than spending time with family. Or in this recurrent situation, luring mum out to only tire her arms from photographing me. My camera is as heavy as a slab of concrete. @chcharice would testify to that. But rest assured that I always return the favour with a good massage after or rustle up a shrimp scampi for dinner because butter always pays the bills!

Here's a short (and for now last) outfit post in Tokyo! Taken on a day out at 21_21 Design Sight in Roppongi. Home of the wealthy and overpriced coffee. In other words, better chances of encountering photogenic locations. Speaking of twenty-one, it only occurred to me as I'm hitting these key boards now that my days as twenty-one are numbered. Now I promise you that I'm not one of those who has a habit of lamenting 'don't ask me what my age is because I am old even in my twenties'. However there is something mismatching about 22, and something to do with Taylor Swift perhaps. While my life just before twenty can be illustrated with cheap leopard prints and synthetic false lashes, my perpetual pursuit for drawing inspirations from Tokyo has never been at rest. This evening from my home in Singapore I send out a toast to Tokyo. See you when my feet wanders back to your doorsteps again!