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Yukie (Tokyo Mode Addict) is former influencer who half Singaporean & Japanese. Now she is a freelance editor–photographer about Travel & Lifestyle with a Japanese flair.

For Uniqlo


For Uniqlo

6 April, 2015


Photographed by Charice Kt

Wearing Light Pocketable Parka, Grey

So my mother is currently in Japan, divinely unfolding bentos under sakura trees at Shinjuku Park. Valiantly invading my phone, sending me overflowing images of pink on LINE. Nice try mama, but I am much satisfied to be back in my concrete jungle! And photographing amid this marvellous nest of vertigo is such a thrill, in collaboration with Uniqlo Singapore.
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I originally received an email from Uniqlo Japan, which got me deliriously high that I had to watch a series of Spongebob just to calm me down. (A personal patron and steadfast admirer of Kashiwa Sato here!) Uniqlo is no doubt where quality-basics and comfort stems from. Yet the best part is that they seem to have multiple shades and cuts to serve to our idiosyncrasies. I guess the simple genius of Uniqlo, would be the quantics of both.