Hey, Kyoto

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10 June, 2015

Needless to say that Kyoto is the postcard of Japan we all enfolded in our head. Yes, including mine. While I claim myself to be the bona fide Tokyo go-to-chick amongst my friends for twenty years, somehow I've never ventured past the city in details. So while sitting on a backlog of work–coma, on the spur of a moment, I thought what better opportune was there to conquer Kyoto while my best friend (now turned official onigiri-stealer) nested there. Oh, almost forgot... Welcome to my first travel entry!

Wearing Glamorous Jersey Swing DressASOS Long Sleeve Grandad
Photographed (portraits) by Acelyn Cakes
(others) by Tokyo Mode Addict

Where do I even begin! A mere four-day stay in Kyoto and I feel like I have a million to write. Kyoto feels so small but yet too big, entertaining and nostalgic to pack into one sweeping summary. So allow me to preface by saying, Kyoto is the solicitor of soft-serve ice cream! While the usual Matcha (green tea) flavour covers the classic, the best versions I could stuff my face with were Yuba (tofu) and Kinako (roasted soy bean) ice cream. As everything else recommended by @azycakey, the best are in Arashiyama and Gion respectively. Right next to that, Kamogawa river was most special. Partially due to the fact that it reminded me of Miyazaki's Spirited Away and somewhere in the riverscape a boat with bizzare-looking folklore creatures would appear. But it was most special because of two things: 1. It is naturally the BEST EVER bento picnic spot in Kyoto! 2. We spontaneously made friends with a group of Singaporean tourists on the bridge which led to a night of drinks, laughters, and 'gone cases'. It almost sounds poetic, no?

P.S — If you're the lazy type who only tunes in to highlights on ESPN, click on the photographs for the location.