Swasdi, Bangkok

Swasdi Bangkok title.jpg

28 July, 2015

When the going gets hot, why not go some place hotter? I did receive a fair bit of warning about the heat, but boy, was Bangkok a sizzling plate of Pad Thai! I planned this short–getaway with my bestie and now boov-buddy @chcharice. Needless to say that we kicked Thai–butt in just three days! On day one we were already shagged from too much laughs and sweltering discoveries.


Talk about a place to routinely go back. Khao San street was utterly my favourite! I had my heart set on staying close to Chao Praya River instead of getting mobbed in the city centre. And like all good things you can't find unless by accident, Khao San was just around the corner of our hotel! This place covers every street food, shop and boisterous bars you would look forward to in Thailand, minus the over–crowdedness.

Speaking of good accidents, @chcharice and I nosed out the best Thai Milk Tea we had right at the doorstep of our hotel at Jaywalk Cafe! It's not just Thai Milk Tea, it's Thai Milk Tea with Panna Cotta at the bottom. Oh–my–love!

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Wearing (all) Modparade
Photographed (portrait) by Charice Chan
(others) by Tokyo Mode Addict

Our hotel, Riva Surya Bangkok, was a smashing choice! Although for Thailand this might have been a sumptuously rich pick, each night was still affordably under 100 Singapore dollars. For breakfast lapped at the beams of a river view, and the sound of the waters swashing so ever to compete, I was already unbuttoning my heart first day in.