Ciao, Venice

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6 July, 2015

Three weeks ago I set forth on my virgin gallivant in Europe! A holiday that made dates, news and time irrelevant. I had only sat on a day job just enough (after my studies in Tokyo) to feed the piggy bank for this trip. Hey, I’m only in my 20s. And leaving the 30s to learn the lessons! So I woke up to a generous serving of #YOLO cereal and hopped on a timeshifting flight.

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Biased from the very start, Venice had a special place in my heart. The reason is patently and solely because Angelina Jolie filmed The Tourist movie there and ever since it became the only scene to my romantic daydreams. Both Mama bear and I had the most infectious fun unveiling the locations from the film. Seriously. When I found the market in Rialto where Johnny Depp was being chased on the roof I squealed like a teenager who touched Swift.

Wearing (above) Zara Summer Dress
Photographed (portrait) by Rie Shaw
(others) by Tokyo Mode Addict

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So here’s the low-down. As iconic as Venice is, she was in fact, a sardine can of tourists. (According to my Venetian friend, so it is all–year–round) But get this, you are in Venice! The best comes from the waters, not land. Once you have cruised the canals between old and pastel–coloured houses smothered in scents of saline stains, I promise it would be worth every penny and crowd–shoving later. Not forgetting the oh–so–handsome Italian men driving the boats definitely add to the spectacle. From the ornate facades of the Venetian Palazzos, to dining daily by the canals and starry night lights. In all her history as the Queen of the Adriatic and glorious architectures, amongst the five cities I roamed in Europe, Venice is a place my feet likely wander back.

So here it is, my top five reccomandare’s of Venice!

1. Talk about dreaming a real dream: A night taxi ride through the Grand Canal.
2. Best dinner and view in Venice: The terrace restaurant of the iconic Hotel Danieli.
3. Escape the crowd with neighbourly boat trips to the other islands around Venice.
4. Drink and get lost in translation with the young local crowds: Campo Santa Margherita.
5. Best Gelato (certified by my Italian friend): Grom Gelateria