Greening The Desert


9 Oct, 2016


Stowed in the east side of Amsterdam, Park Frankendael hides a garden conservatory that serves food of the ultimate recipe, delivered by nature itself. Restaurant De Kas (which means Greenhouse in Dutch), was both an anomalous and satisfying experience to expect in this publicised city. 

Portrait by my dear friend, Lorenzo


Photography by Tokyo Mode Addict

Talk about a meal where nature takes its course. With a menu that changes every week, the palate of the dishes were as straightforward as it looks, but the idea of unexploited land and fresh produce was spectacularly fervent. Giant green olives were sun-ripe succulent, and onion buds sprinkled on appetisers were as sweet as lilies in May. Top that with a fruity Chardonnay at hand while sitting in a cool-crisp greenhouse in a mid day of summer.

Restaurant De Kas offered a dining experience more than tasting its garden–fresh ingredients springing up in their backyard. After our meal, the waitress proudly invited us to take a stroll around their greenhouse. Where we followed a path round the dining area, filled with herbs and all sorts of earthy greens draping from the glass walls. And out the backyard of flowers and trimmed shrubs were Chefs preparing food outdoors under a parasol, waving at guests who walked by. It was there after, I sensed a pride of a place on plates.