Mrs. Dapper Dan


Hair styling by Monso Hair Design
Photography by Charice Kt
Words by
Tokyo Mode Addict


9 April, 2017

The first lesson I learned in becoming an adult, was that if you close an eye on a feminine routine, everything malfunctions together! Behind every women of substance there is a girl, juggling the interplay between her heels and muddy sneakers. Soon enough, she would be a grease boy locked incognito. But even a dapper lady has no excuse!


In a bright, homely studio with nuanced colours and furniture, a Japanese hair salon stands at River Valley Road in Singapore. Where it offers a quick hair treatment for a just a single 50-dollar bill! Monso Hair Design is one of those places with only a single page for a menu, with polite Japanese staff that speaks English too. A quiet and cozy cot that is perfect for a simple day-time cut.


True to its title, the quick treatment took only 10 to 15 minutes. After a shampoo and massage, a machine that lets out cold steam sweeps over your head. And it felt just like that scene when Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsson first appeared together on an evening beach! I have only ever had hair treatments with hot steam, and so I was a little taken by the cool surprise. Only better because it was cold!

Monso Hair Design is located at:
232 River Valley Road
Singapore 238290
+65 6836 5585