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Client Overview

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Client: Noel Gifts International
Art Direction & Design: Yukie Shaw
Director of Photography: Iyaad Salleh
Models: Brandon Teo, Jamie Yee

A series of packaging design and a promotional video for a bespoke gifting concept in Singapore.

Inside each box is selection of handpicked bespoke gift ideas, from bespoke chocolate, custom jewellery, personalised stationary and leather accessories to invitations for a dinner or concert.

A final year graduation project for an actual client.

Client: Sarment Wine & Spirits
Art Direction: Matthew Lonergan
Production & Design: Yukie Shaw, Charice Chan
Photography: Arnold Jerocki

To curate each collection, Michelin–star Sommeliers visit some of the world’s most iconic wine regions to conduct a series of rigorous blind tastings in an attempt to discover the region’s lesser known treasures.

Sarment Collections are borne out of a simple, yet selective philosophy. Wines are judged not on price, label or reputation but on quality, style and drinkability.

Project by: Tokyo Mode Addict
Art Direction: Yukie Shaw
Editor: Yukie Shaw, Nabihah MK
Design: Charice Chan
Illustrator: Abigail Ng
Photographers: Jonathan Liu, Alwin Tan
Models: Yukie Shaw, Reiee K, Vivien Tan

TOKYO MODE is a lookbook magazine introducing Tokyo's style of fashion and living to young women in Singapore. Collaborating with multiple Japanese brands based in Singapore such as Rosebullet Edit Tokyo, JRunway &

Client: Vacheron Constantin
Agency: Sarment Wine & Spirits
Design: Yukie Shaw
Whisky Brands: Lagavulin, Caol Ila, Oban, Dalwhinnie

A Vacheron Constantin lifestyle guide, “The Art of Scotch Whisky” for mid-Autumn festival. A gift box of four different Scotch Whiskies in tasting drums sealed with wax and a Glencairn glass. Completed with a mooncake pairing guide by a spirit evangelist from China.

Vacheron Constantin is a Swiss luxury watch manufacturer founded in 1755 and one of the oldest clock manufacturers in the world.

Client: Champagne Henri Giraud
Agency: Sarment Wine & Spirits
Design: Yukie Shaw
Photography & Styling: Yukie Shaw

Born in the great forest of Argonne, this artisanal champagne is one of the jewels of Äy in France. The fine bubbles, salinity and aromatic complexity, make it the true superstar of champagnes.

A series of ongoing brand activities from bespoke gifting to consumer advertising campaigns in Singapore.

Client: Capitol Piazza
Agency: Design [kloo]
Art Direction: Hinori Kawaguchi
Design & Illustration: Yukie Shaw

Where the past meets the present, Capital Piazza is set to be a new landmark civic space for a myriad of events, including red-carpet galas, celebratory fiestas and exclusive product launches through the year.

A retail campaign inspired by old Hollywood movie posters and typographic styles.