Yukie For Beauty-Pati

I'm excited to finally tell you that I worked with a new site called Beauty Patisserie

Beauty-Pati.com upcoming beauty website presenting the latest make-up trends, beauty news, skincare tips, and blogs by Japanese beauty experts!

Singapore could use a good doze of professional Japanese beauty advice. And this is the site we've been waiting for!  Personally, I really have become a fan of this site. They really do have an array of Japanese beauty products to introduce, and their contents are well presented too. Tobi-san, the lady who runs this site, has inspiring visions and insights. I have become a fan of her too.

The best part is that they have Japanese beauty professionals as columnists on their website!

1. Mawaki Yamamoto – Popular Makeup Artist

2. Tatsuya Yumoto – Renowned Hair Maestro

And I had  a wonderful opportunity to work with Mawaki-san for Beauty-Pati TV
In the make-up tutorial video he shares his step by step tips on how he does his make-up for girls. In the video his did 2 looks on me, both a 'Natural' and 'Gorgeous' look. You may watch the video on their website!

Filming the video was nerve racking at first, because I'm actually really camera shy. And neither do I have a sharp face or perfect skin.. I wish I was a better model for Mawaki-san, but he was extremely polite and professional.

Mawaki-san is well-known for his ability to enhance the natural beauty of women. I have heard of him and got to know him before this video. Go to his facebook page to see his portfolio!
Mawaki Yamamoto's Facebook Page 

Beauty-Pati has great giveaways!

And they are quality products too. That really makes the cherry on the top. Even I'm tempted to participate.. Haha

Click here to go to their website

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