Tokyo Cafe Guide

Tokyo Cafe Guide

23 July, 2015

'I love you a million fluffy pancakes— Would probably make the most poetic confession. EVER. Bills is an Australian restaurant house, but done ohsoright in Japan. So if you're in Harajuku smooching on crepes, you simply must go for round two for these pillow–like ricotta pancakes!


Heaven, would look something like this for us designers. Daikanyama's T-Site bookstore is amaze–balls (excuse ze language). A huge archive of books, music and movies, plus cafes indoor and out for you to lounge and read their books. One of which inside is Anjin Cafe/Bar.


This place was a suspicious one. Like a shared intel amongst a top secret cafe hooping society. Seriously. Despite the fact that this modern–traditional tea house had the most serene and design defining space and concept, Yakumo Saryo is in fact not commonly known.


Nevermind the Japanese–zi–fied approach to western dining, San Fransisco Peaks in Shibuya is the perfect loft to shuffle into a booth or a solitary high chair, get hot dogs with sides of good old coleslaw and fries, gobble, pay, and leave. Remember to order a mug of filter coffee after to–go!


Monday thru the high weekends, whenever that homey comfort food calls upon me, a bowl of rice is my Japanese root's answer. Bowls Cafe in Shinjuku is one of those cozy–cot spaces with simple, classic food with only three dishes on the menu that can never go wrong.

Love onigiri? (Japanese rice balls) How about beauty and cleansing onigirisElle Cafe has came up with a peculiar range of cold press juices, veggie snacks, groceries and even onigiri to cater the health conscious. Japanese much?

Photography by Tokyo Mode Addict  & Andrea Chong (Portrait)

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