20 Aug, 2018

There is still something mythological about going organic. Is it more expensive? Is it accessible? Does it work? Much like dating, have we had it right all long by letting things happen naturally, as suppose to relying on modern inventions and swiping left and right?

Spending the buck on multiple different products and facial treatments was myself, only a year ago. Until I chanced upon the sanctum of a Japanese miracle worker. She taught me how to treat my skin, to naturally better and heal itself. Sometimes I like to think of her as the Ancient One in the fortress of Kamar-taj

Photography by Charice Kt
Illustrations by Tokyo Mode Addict


Shizuka–san from Organics Beauty Salon is my muse. I first came to her many months ago with severe acne trouble on my face. That was after consulting a dermatologist in Singapore, and took pills which helped but stopped working after a while. But Shizuka–san's Organic Herbal Acne Facial did more for my skin than the Greek Goddess of Beauty herself! A concoction of her own recipe, she uses herbs that are unheard of. Such as linden, yarrow, heather with organic anti-bacterial serums and other essential oils to design hormonal balance. The lady is really quite extraordinary. I especially enjoy her blend of enzyme juices and tea served before and after the facial.

Patience is one of the coalescence of life to create a fulfilling whole. It took a first few treatments before my skin started to clear, and now I only often break out when it is 'that' time of the month. I also learned to use gentle face wash at home, and to "stop bothering your skin" to quote her! It might have been the best advice I ever took, right next to eating potato chips cold from the fridge.


The Organic Herbal Acne Facial, as well as the Organic Herbal Brightening Facial have been awarded Her World magazine's Spa Awards.

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Organics Beauty is located at:
402 Orchard Road, #04-27 Delfi Orchard
Singapore 238876
+65 6734 2224